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This Community Is STUPID.

I don't have a problem with anyone who doesn't share the same taste in music as me - i.e. anyone who doesn't like/"hates" Muse.

What I DO have a problem with is this community.

What, may I ask, is the point in going on about "hating Muse", when you could be doing something more worthwhile, like listening to the music you DO like rather than complaining about what you don't.

I'm sure Mister Bellamy (or indeed Mister Howard/Wolstenholme) wouldn't care if you didn't enjoy listening to his music.

However, it is a completely different (and purely evil) thing to try and unpick his life's work (ooh, the exaggeration).

You think that Muse fans such as myself are freaks?

Then what are YOU?

Where did this community even COME from?

Did somebody decide to set it up out of spite for a particular Muser?

Or just out of jealousy, 'cause you wish you were a genius too, instead of a pathetic little nobody who has to revert to creating a whole community so that Muse-haters can share their anguished sorrows?

Get out there and do something worthwhile, idiots!!

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I think this community was created similar to how reefs are created. Sometimes shit builds up over a long period of time and things just appear. This comm grew out of the sea of LJ on a wave of pure loathing.
have you heard of lightning bolt
Well hey, maybe Muse is an insignificant thing to hate but sometimes lackluster idiots who produce things just need to stop.

Oh, and every action has an equal or greater reaction. You can't go wrong with that to justify everything. Life is physics too.

Deleted comment

And I guess you probably can sing better,don't you?

You all are just fucking miserable morons who has nothing better to do, then to whine all the time "how much they hate Muse". Pathetic.