Maricruz Chavez (Maricruz Chavez) wrote in we_hate_muse,
Maricruz Chavez
Maricruz Chavez

Haha you guys are so cute,
You hate muse GREAT
Their music is abnormal
What's diffrent is what you ask
They sing about taking over. an UPRISING
To bring the fat cat down,to await the zetas who are just our leaders wearing a mask.
To have separate opinions and not keep shut hiding behind a corner
To prove them wrong, to show how the ones with the power of supremacy
Work. How the goverment lies and debt is dead weight forced upon our shoulders
Their music is To keep us inspired.
And some of you say being where they are now is so incredibly easy lets see you try.
Matthew Bellamy wrote so many songs I've lost count
He does not think he's above anybody he just enjoys what he does
Chris and dom have had struggles too, and have over come them.
that's what makes them diffrent. If you want to listen to something a little more mainstream go ahead
Just don't be a hypocrite and say you don't give a flying fuck about the band and make a whole fucking community about it
Oh yea one more thing
All three of them are increadibly sexy.
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